Instro Precision

Instro Precision is one of the leading suppliers and system integrators of support equipment for military and commercial electro-optical sensors in the world.

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Global Customer Base

Instro Precision is a trusted supplier of civilian and military components to manufacturers in over 50 countries.

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Precision Engineering

All of our components are precision engineered and tested to extremes to deliver the highest levels of performance in the most demanding environments.

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Rugged Design

With over 50 years of experience we design and create highly durable targeting and surveillance solutions that wont let you down whatever your situation.

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Target Acquisition

Instro's World class target acquisition systems are seen as setting the standard in over fifty countries. If your requirement is for a rugged, mil-spec, light, precise line of sight control instrumentation.

About Instro

Instro is the first call in supplying the World's militaries, enforcement agencies and industry with electro-optic surveillance, and tactical support equipment.

With a proud history spanning the last fifty years, our mission is to deliver proven standard products and custom engineered solutions crafted to meet special project requirements and delivered to the highest standards.