Target Acquisition

Field proven Tripods and Pan and Tilt equipment for Manual Line of Sight applications.

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Custom Engineering

When there is not an off the shelf solution, our vertical integration from Design to Production makes us a trusted partner for tough applications.

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Remote Observation Support

Our Proven Remote Observation Support Systems set the benchmark for stand-off observation and targeting.

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North Finding

A range of modular components designed to provide accurate Azimuth referencing in conjunction with Instro's range of goniometers and targeting application software. Optimised for use by dismounted forces these products are both lightweight and compact as well as rugged and resilient in the field.

North Finding

Observation and Target Acquisition

Instro's focus on high end industrial and military observation, makes us a world leader in precision line of sight controls with products in service in more than 50 countries.

Following decades of close cooperation with leading electro-optic suppliers, Instro helps solve the integration challenges of EO sensors used by leading armed forces.

Our breadth of system integration know how and range of robust lightweight support components, enable us to combine north finding, angle and range measurement, in solutions that put us at the forefront of precision TAS solutions.