IN_CMP provides powerful Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure (DIRCM) protection against MANPADS for large jet aircraft, built on years of proven experience in the military environment. The system has been installed on a wide variety of commercial aircraft, as well as aircraft transporting heads of state and VIPs.

Key Features

  • Operationally proven in real-life missile fire scenarios
  • Fully automatic and autonomous - no crew involvement needed during engagement
  • Cockpit control unit for simple operation
  • Contained in a single low-drag pod
  • Simple and rapid mounting and dismounting from the aircraft
  • High reliability leading to low maintenance costs
  • Civil Aviation Authority certified for numerous types of platforms


  • Fast, accurate threat detection and jamming
  • Handles multiple threat scenarios
  • High performance and comprehensive protection
  • Effective under operational conditions
  • Low life cycle costs

At a Glance

IN_CMP is contained in a single, fuselage-mounted pod and employs advanced missile detection and jamming techniques to deliver superior aircraft protection. The IN_CMP system includes two main subsystems: The Missile Warning System (MWS) and the Directional Infrared Counter Measure (DIRCM), housed in an aerodynamic Pod.