• Mast mounted surveillance cameras
  • Fast patrol boats
  • Heavy vehicle vision aids and systems
  • Port and shipping surveillance systems
  • Customs, coastguard and police vessels
  • Security and perimeter defence

Instro's D2 motorised Pan and Tilt is engineered for surveillance applications using the latest HD format cameras with digital IP streaming interfaces at Gigabit data rates.

Designed for modular configuration, D2 features 100°/Sec agility, with milliradian accuracy and repeatability, it's stabilisation bandwidth makes it an ideal platform for streaming HD video on fast patrol boats, wheeled vehicles, high masts and towers.

Other D2 modular options include, built-in digital image stabilisation, 2-channel auto tracker and a wide choice of payload configurations. Depending on payload needs, D2 supports 2 independent 1000Base-T channels or a mix of analogue and digital formats. To simplify integration in IP based security networks, the Pan and Tilt unit features Ethernet control as well as legacy RS-422/RS-232 communications. 

Key Specifications

  • Construction, Anodised Al alloy
  • Weight (approx), 15kg
  • Dimentions, 341mm H x 320mm W x 207mm D
  • Payload capacity:
    -Top mounted payload 14kg
    -Pannier mounted payload 25kg
  • Elevation (Tilt) range, ±90°*
  • Azimuth (Pan) range, Continuous 360°
  • Minimum velocity, 0.0056°/s
  • Maximum velocity, 100°/s
  • Positional accuracy, 0.056° 1σ
  • Stabilisation levels:
    -Elevation (Tilt) attenuation -20dB up to 7Hz
    -Azimuth (Pan) attenuation -20dB up to 1Hz
  • Operating voltage, 18 - 32Vdc
  • Safety cut-out
  • Electrical connection, 38999 type
  • Connectivity, RS422, Gigabit 1000Base-T Ethernet, Analogue Video
  • Environmentally sealed, IP67
  • Operating temperature, -32°C to 71°C
    * Payload and bracket dependent


  • Starter kit for developers including system cables and Windows controller application
  • Tripod mount adaptor
  • Matching tripod
  • Quick release payload adaptors


  • 2 Axis gyro stabilisation
  • Built-in autotracker
  • Built-in digital image stabilisation
  • Marine grade environment protection
  • Alternative payload interfaces
  • Customer specified colour

At a Glance

  • Rugged compact pan and tilt positioner/director
  • 14kg top mount and 25kg side mount payloads
  • 2x 1000Base-T payload IP streaming connections
  • Up to 4 analogue video channels
  • Ethernet and serial control
  • Modular gyro stabilisation
  • Modular digital image stabilisation
  • Modular 2 channel automatic video tracker
  • Controllable speed 0.1mil/Sec to 100deg/Sec
  • Continuous 360° pan operation with slip ring
  • ±90 Degree tilt range
  • 1 Mil positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Environmentally sealed

Ideal for:
  • IP streaming HD video networks
  • Mast and tower based surveillance
  • Drivers vision aids
  • Patrol boats