• Fixed and mobile border surveillance
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Port and shipping control
  • Customs and coastguard applications
  • Vehicle mounted applications
  • Maritime applications
  • Security & perimeter defence
  • Auto tracking applications
  • Line of sight stabilisation

Wasp is Instro's medium capacity high performance motorised pan and tilt. Available in 'U' and compact 'L' shaped configurations with slipring available as standard, Wasp can be configured to handle an impressive range of sensors and sensor suits for medium to long range surveillance tasks.

Instro's Wasp excels in homeland security applications in both fixed installations and light vehicle applications where a high degree of controllability and positional accuracy is required with good price/performance. With the addition of a tripod mount adapter, the Wasp is equally suited to ground deployment using a suitable tripod.

In the 'U' configuration the support arm, with optional spacers tailored to payload width, enables payload capacity to be increased, as well as balanced for better performance.

The capabilities of Wasp can be further extended with the addition of factory configured options such marinisation, gyro stabilisation, automatic video tracking and digital image stabilisation.

Key Specifications

  • Weight (approx), 12kg (15.5kg with support arm)
  • Dimentions mm HxWxD (approx)
    - Wasp L, 424 x 302 x 166
    - Wasp U, 424 x 462 x 166
  • Output torque (nominal), 15Nm
  • Elevation (Tilt) range, ±90°*
  • Azimuth (Pan) range, Continuous 360°
  • Minimum velocity, 0.0056°/s
  • Maximum velocity, 60°/s
  • Positional accuracy, 0.056° 1σ
  • Stabilisation performance (Option), The stabilised Wasp is capable of stabilising to ≤0.028° RMS under a disturbance of  ±7° in a 3 second period with a 15kg balanced payload, at an ambient temperature of 21°C
  • Operating voltage, 20 - 32Vdc
  • Safety cut-out
  • Electrical connection, 38999 type
  • Connectivity, Ethernet, RS422
  • Environmentally sealed, IP67
  • Operating temperature, -32°C to 71°C
    * Payload and bracket dependent


  • PC based control software and cables
  • Hardware controller with monitor and digital video recorder
  • Tripod mount adaptor
  • Matching tripod
  • Quick release payload adaptors


  • Gyro stabilisation
  • Automatic video tracker
  • Maritime environmental protection
  • Support arm spacers
  • Bespoke payload bracket design sevice
  • Customer specific paint colour

At a Glance

  • Modular unit, adaptable to suit a wide range of payload configurations and mid / long range applications
  • Gyro stabilisation (option)
  • Auto tracking (option)
  • Marine environment (option)
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Environmentally sealed (IP67)
  • High accuracy
  • Azimuth slipring as standard
  • Payload support for 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ethernet / RS-422 control
  • Precise speed control
  • High axis speed (60°/s)
  • Highly resistant to shock and vibration