Thor Targeting System


  • Dismounted Precision Targeting / Designation
  • Forward Observer / JTAC indirect fire control
  • Artillery and Mortar fire controllers
  • Gun laying
  • Special forces
  • Improved accuracy hand held LRF targeting
The THOR Targeting System is a modular and highly configurable precision Target Acquisition System for extending capability of In-Service hand held EO sensors including multi sensor configurations. The system is configured around Instro's Target Acquisition Software application, which is supplied preloaded to a compact targeting computer with built-in GPS capability.

In service EO sensors are mounted on Instro's THOR goniometer for precise control of line of sight and accurate azimuth and vertical angle measurement. The Thor is compatible with Instro's lightweight Tripods for a wide range of operational heights ranging from prone through to standing. The system is configurable to accept range data from in service equipment such as laser rangefinders and designators along with positional data from external hand held GPS units.

Angle data from the Thor goniometer is combined with range and observer position data by Instro's Target Acquisition Software to compute observed location coordinates with great accuracy for immediate display or saved to a target database for later use. Thor Targeting System is compatible with Instro's Solar, Digital magnetic and Gyro compass modules and can be configured to use positional and north orientation data from the mounted sensor if desired.

Key Specifications


  • Construction: Matt painted and anodised Al alloy
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
  • Mounting: 5/8" 11 UNC female for drawbolt
  • Payload capacity: 12kg (26.5lbs)
  • Alternate payload: Selectable counterbalance
  • Payload attach: Quick release for matching adapter
  • Payload connection: Cable-Less smart interface
  • Elevation range: ±45° (800 mil)
  • Elevation fine adjust: ±0.8436° (15 mil)
  • Azimuth range: Continuous n x 360°
  • Azimuth fine adjust: ±0.8436° (15 mil)
  • Positional accuracy: 0.056° (1mil) 1σ both axes
  • Positional resolution: 0.0056° (0.1mil) 1σ both axes
  • Communications: RS-422
  • System connection: 38999 Style connector
  • Power: 6 – 32V DC
  • Levelling: Illuminated circular bubble
  • Environmental seal: IP67
  • Temperature range: -33 to +55°

Targeting Computer

  • Weight: 0.54kg (1.19lbs)
  • Dimensions: 202.7mm x 132mm x 18mm
  • Power: Internal re-chargeable battery
  • GPS receiver: Internal
  • Installed Software: Targeting App


Target Acquisition Software

  • Own position set GPS, Resection, Manual entry
  • North orientation via Known point, Manual entry, Celestial alignment (moon, planets and stars), Solar compass via SAMOS module, Digital magnetic compass via MAMOS module, Gyro compass via ERMOS module
  • Magnetic compensation Built-in world magnetic model
  • Gun laying Supported capability
  • Interfacing Optional digital interface with mounted sensor
  • Grid systems UTM, BNG, MGRS, LAT LON, Optional Custom grids
  • Angular units Mil (6400,6300,6000), Degrees (DMM,DMS)


  • SAMOS Solar compass module
  • MAMOS Digital compass module
  • ERMOS Gyro compass module
  • Carry pouches
  • Matching tripod
  • Dual interface for coaxial sensor mounting
  • Payload interface adapters
  • Tactical backpack


  • Digital interface to customer sensor
  • Customer sensor interfacing cables
  • SMART interface for cable-less connection
  • Customer grid options
  • Colour
  • Power distribution unit with cables

At a Glance

  • Compact lightweight modular targeting system
  • Easy to use, designed for speed of deployment
  • Targeting computer with comprehensive target acquisition software application
  • Low power, high accuracy precision goniometer
  • Azimuth and vertical angle accuracy 0.056° (1mil)
  • Line of sight fine adjust control in both axes
  • Selectable payload counterbalance
  • Payload quick release interface
  • Circular level bubble
  • Switchable bubble illumination for night use
  • Reversionary mechanical scales
  • DMC compatible
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Matching tripod