Checkfire GPS Artillery Safety System


  • Field artillery training exercise safety

CHECKFIRE is a self-contained GPS based field artillery safety system designed for use during training exercises to provide the safety officer in charge with an independent, remotely operated, reliable means of verifying gun azimuth and elevation. The system uses Instro's high performance GNAV GPS orientation and attitude module in conjunction with Instro's field artillery safety officer application software.

The versatile CHECKFIRE system is supplied as individual sets of cased equipment containing either gun crew related items or safety officer related items.

The SAFETY OFFICER equipment consists of a rugged laptop with Instro's embedded field artillery safety system software, associated power supplies, cables and radio modem.

GUN CREW equipment consists of the GPS orientation and attitude module along with all of the required cables, mounting brackets, fixings and tools to enable the gun crew to easily deploy and install the equipment on their gun.

Key Specifications

GPS Orientation and Attitude Module

  • Construction Painted Al alloy and composite
  • Weight Installation dependent
  • Mechanical Interface: Custom artillery mount
  • Azimuth accuracy: 20 Mils, 2σ
  • Pitch and Roll accuracy: 9 Mils, 1σ
  • Positional accuracy: 5.0m CEP GPS
  • GPS TFF (Hot Start): <150 sec
  • Orientation backup: 3 axis IMU
  • Temperature range: -35 to +55° C

Radio Modems

  • 2 user selectable frequencies:
    • 869.45MHz
    • 869.525MHz to European norm EN 300-220
  • Transmission Power: 500mW

Rugged Laptop

  • Pre-installed Instro Field Artillery Safety Officer application
  • Laptop lock-down security application
  • Password Access: 1 Admin, 9 users, 9 maintainers
  • Data log: Off-line transfer via USB for post exercise de-briefing



  • Vehicle specific mounting bracket for GPS Module
  • Custom mounts for Radio Modems
  • Vehicle specific Electrical interface and connectivity
  • Cabling and power supply interfacing for GPS Module and Radio Modems


  • Localisation of MMI language

At a Glance

  • Modular artillery safety system ideal for OEM or retrofit applications
  • Safety officer can monitor a battery of up to eight guns
  • Gun orientation data transmitted via convenient radio link
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Operates from locally derived vehicle power
  • Intuitive field artillery safety officer application software
  • Minimal training for the user and the maintainer

Ideal for:
  • Artillery training schools
  • Heavy artillery OEM's