The IN_CMS system is designed for distributed installation on a variety of aircraft types, in a single or multi-turret configuration.

Key Features

  • Distributed configuration and flexible installation
  • Open architecture for integration with various type of MWS
  • Fully automatic and autonomous – no crew involvement needed during engagement
  • Hyper hemispherical dome for maximum coverage
  • Dual-band laser, each band independently programmable
  • Proven in real-life scenarios
  • Open to accept user-defined jamming codes


  • Fast, accurate threat detection and jamming
  • Handling multiple threat scenarios
  • High performance, comprehensive protection
  • Effective in all operational conditions
  • Upgradable for future threats
  • High reliability leading to low life cycle cost

At a Glance

IN_CMS  is light-weight, compact, and easily installed on a broad range of aircraft types, in both single and multiturret configurations. The open architecture solution can also be integrated with various Missile Warning Systems (MWS) for the most comprehensive level of protection in the civil and military market.