• Thermal / night vision equipment support
  • Multifunction binocular support
  • Laser rangefinder / designator support
  • Telescope and binocular support
  • Communications antenna support
  • Scientific instrument support

The Meerkat tripod range has been designed to satisfy applications where portability and low weight is of primary importance.

With their integral pan and tilt heads, Instro Meerkat tripods are designed for applications where functionality, portability and light weight are of primary importance.

The built-in pan & tilt head delivers smooth controlled movement of attached payloads in azimuth and elevation, while a payload capacity of 10Kg ensures a rugged, compact and lightweight support for a wide range of electro optic sensors. Independent lockable axis brakes enable the payload line of sight to be set in any position.

Depending on the intended payload, Meerkat models feature either a precision quick release wedge interface or standard ¼" or 3/8" camera fittings.

For versatility in use and high levels of stability on different surfaces, Meerkat tripods feature independent leg angle and length adjustment with operating heights that range from 16 to 156 cm.

All Meerkat tripods have a non-magnetic construction and are available in either Aluminium or Aluminium plus composite materials for maximum weight savings.

Key Specifications

All versions

  • Payload capacity, 10kg (Nominal)
  • Elevation movement, ±45° degrees
  • Continuous 360 degree Azimuth movement
  • Independent brakes for both pan and tilt
  • Operating temperature, -32°C to +55°C

Meerkat Ultra Compact

  • Weight, 0.5kg (composite+aluminium)
  • Working height, min 16cm, max 27.9cm
  • Stowed dimensions, Ø10cm x 30.5cm
  • Single leg sections

Meerkat C

  • Weight, 0.6kg (composite+aluminium)
  • Working height, min 16cm, max 48cm
  • Stowed dimensions, Ø10cm x 53cm
  • Single leg sections

Meerkat Compact

  • Weight, 1.4kg/1.3kg (aluminium/composite+aluminium)
  • Working height, min 18.2cm, max 60cm
  • Stowed dimensions, Ø12.7cm x 41.8cm
  • Two leg sections (telescopic)

Meerkat Medium

  • Weight, 1.4kg/1.3kg (aluminium/composite+aluminium)
  • Working height, min 21.2cm, max 80cm
  • Stowed dimensions, Ø12.7cm x 52.8cm
  • Two leg sections (telescopic)

Meerkat High

  • Weight, 2.4kg/2kg (aluminium/composite+aluminium)
  • Working height, min 25.7cm, max 156.3cm
  • Stowed dimensions, Ø12.7cm x 70.6cm
  • Three leg sections (telescopic)


  • Generic interface adapters
  • Dual payload adapter
  • Carry bags
  • Custom adapter assemblies
  • Footplate and pin sets


  • Azimuth scale ring with vernier

At a Glance

  • Combined lightweight tripod with pan and tilt capability
  • Short stowed length
  • Independently adjustable leg angle and length (telescopic)
  • 10kg nominal payload
  • Very lightweight - truly man portable
  • Independent brakes for pan and tilt
  • Standard 1/4" or 3/8" camera interface or quick release interface versions available
  • DMC compatible
  • Expandable - Payload adapters are available to suit most payloads
  • Rugged and durable, easy to use and deploy
  • Ground anchor capability via optional foot plate and pin set