Medium Duty


  • Artillery fire control
  • Mortar fire control
  • Forward Air control
  • Dismounted radar support
  • Thermal camera support
  • Night vision equipment support
  • Laser range finder or designator support
  • Telescope and binocular support
  • Surveillance camera support
  • Video and still camera support
  • Scientific instrument support; e.g. meteorological or gas monitoring equipment

 The Medium duty tripod is rugged and lightweight to meet a wide range of general purpose support applications up to 50kg.

Constructed of high strength aluminium and corrosion resistant steel, the Medium Duty tripod has independently adjustable leg angle and two telescopic sections enabling a wide operating height range while minimising stowed length. The adjustment of leg angle is by heavy-duty screw clamps whilst clamp levers set the leg section length. Payloads can be quickly and precisely mounted using 3 locating studs and retained by draw bolt.

To suit a wide range of operating surfaces and terrain, the Medium Duty tripod has removable interchangeable feet. By default, Instro's Medium Duty tripod is supplied with a claw style feet, other alternatives include; spike, small spike, snow shoe, pivot and rubber coated. Feet are removed by simply unscrewing from the bottom leg section.

For deployments where wind loading is critical, the Medium Duty tripod has matching accessories such as footplate and pin sets and tie down kits to ensure maximum stability and security.

Key Specifications (Standard)

  • Weight, 2.72kg
  • Working height, min 21cm, max 150cm
  • Payload capacity, 50kg (Nominal)
  • Stowed dimensions, Ø13cm x 70cm
  • Three leg sections (telescopic)
  • Removable claw foot
  • Operating temperature, -33 to +71°C


  • Ground anchor kit
  • Footplate and pin set
  • Terrain specific foot sets
  • Padded carry bag

At a Glance

  • Lightweight - man portable
  • Wide operational height range
  • 50kg nominal payload
  • Rugged durable and easy to use
  • Designed for ease and speed of deployment
  • Independently adjustable leg angle
  • Independently adjustable leg length (telescopic)
  • 5/8" 11 UNC drawbolt thread
  • Interchangeable feet
  • Ground anchor point