E760 Camera


  • Heavy vehicle vision systems
  • Border surveillance
  • Customs and Police
  • Maritime applications
  • Hostile environment monitoring

Instro's E760 cameras are designed to address the need for extremely rugged and versatile methods of remote viewing for heavy vehicles used in harsh environments.

Optimised for passive (no external illumination) short range viewing over any daylight condition (dusk till dawn) E760 cameras provide a crystal clear output from a very sensitive (<250µLux) black and white, low light, auto iris camera module. When used in conjunction with Instro's E7D display, the camera's high sensitivity makes it a key component of low light situational awareness vision systems which can outperform the naked eye and avoid reliability issues of image intensifiers.

E760 cameras are compact, very rugged and resistant to vibration. The field of view is factory settable between 40° and 60°. By default, E760 ships with a 60° FOV option as standard.

The waterproof enclosure features multiple mounting points making it ideally suitable for both new and retrofit installations. Optional built in filtering makes it suitable for connection to a vehicle power supply.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 1.3kg
  • Sensor
    • Detector native format 1360 x 1024 (2/3")
    • Field of view 60° horizontal
    • Spectral response 400nm-700nm (IR cut filter)
    • Dynamic range 55dB
    • Video format GigEvision
    • Sensitivity <250μLux (no optics)
  • Operating voltage, 24V DC
  • Operating temperature, -40°C to +70°C



  • Starter kits cable


  • Custom defined FOV between 40° and 60°
  • Customer specified electronic graticule
  • HDMI, DVI Video interfaces
  • Quick release, repeatable mechanical interface
  • Custom enclosure optimised to specific vehicle

At a Glance

  • True passive Dusk till Dawn capability
  • Rugged and compact
  • Highly resistant to shock
  • Automatic white balance
  • Industry Std GigEvision interface
  • Ethernet control
  • Environmentally sealed
  • EMI/RFI qualified
  • Vehicle power compatible
  • Versatile mounting arrangement
Ideal for:
  • LSAS for new armoured vehicles
  • Vehicle Retrofits
  • Environments with shock and vibration