• Border surveillance
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Port and shipping control
  • Customs and coastguard applications
  • Naval applications
  • Military reconnaissance vehicles
  • Large fire control systems, including anti-aircraft guns

The Advanced Stabilised Sensor Platform (ASSP) represents the ultimate in remotely controlled modular surveillance or target acquisition systems.

The platform is based a modular combination of high performance motorised pan and tilt head and highly configurable enclosed multi sensor observation unit. A wide array of sensors can be included to address the intended application such as long and short range day and night vision cameras, rangefinders, GPS receivers and laser target markers.

The platform features a tilt range of ±45° with an unrestricted pan capability due to a slip ring assembly built in to the azimuth mounting base. With high level of motion stabilisation, the sensor line of sight remains on target regardless of external factors such as wind or wave action or any other instability in the platforms mounting arrangement.

ASSP is ruggedised to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity, sand, dust or salt fog.

Key Specifications

Pan & Tilt Head:

      • Maximum axis speed, 60°/S
      • Minimum axis speed, 0.0056°/S
      • Positional accuracy, 0.056° 1σ
      • Positional repeatability, 0.056° 1σ
      • Backlash free
      • Fail safe brake

Stabilisation performance:

      • Maritime application, better than 1.5 IFOV (PTP)
      • Static application (mast), better than 1 IFOV (PTP)
      • Vehicle mounted (engine), better than 1 IFOV (PTP)
      • Digital stabilisation, Sub pixel performance

Thermal Imager:

      • Detector type, 3rd generation, 640 x 512 x15µm
      • Cooling, stirling closed cycle with integral dewar
      • Cooling time, <7mins
      • Spectral band, MWIR 3-5µm
      • Fields of view (continuous zoom x6)
        • Narrow 2.5°
        • Wide 15°
        • Wide screen 25°
      • Video out, Pal or NTSC
      • Range Performance:
        • Detection (Nato / human), 11.5km /5.5km
        • Recognition (Nato / human), 4.5km / 2.5km

Laser Range Finder:

      • Range Performance:
        • Nato target, 7km (5m accuracy)
        • Extended target, 20km

Colour Day Camera:

      • Continuous zoom, x36
      • NFOV, 1.7°
      • WFOV, 58°
      • Video out Pal or NTSC
      • Range Performance:
        • Detection (Nato / human), 13.5km / 7.5km
        • Recognition (Nato / human), 3.3km / 1.4km

Power source options, 20-32Vdc (MIL-STD-1275 compliant)
Environmental conditions, IAW MIL-STD-810F
Operating temperature, -32° to +71°C


  • Solar shield
  • Customer tailored remote control consoles and system cabling
  • Maritime colour and sealing
  • Pan & tilt slipring for continuous rotation in azimuth
  • Auto tracking capability
  • North orientation capability
  • Own position capability
  • Video streaming and control via ethernet
  • Map overlays
  • Panoramic viewing
  • Automatic detection of changes in the FOV
  • Pre-prepared route in the scene
  • Target geo-location
  • Slew to cue (radar or other) 

At a Glance

  • Highly configurable modular multifunction system
  • Long range thermal and day camera surveillance
  • Gyro stabilised motorised pan & tilt unit
  • Built-in digital video stabilisation
  • Continuous zoom colour day camera
  • Continuous zoom thermal imager
  • Range measurement capability
  • Ruggedised for harsh environments
  • Remote operation via PC based controller
  • Auto tracking capability
  • North orientation capability
  • Own position capability